Elections – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


Oh, dear lord, the election is behind us. I believe that most Rotarians voted, a higher percentage than the population at large, because Rotarians care about what happens in the world. All of us felt good about some of the results, and all of us felt bad about some of the results. That’s the way life is.

But Lord, we thank you that we live in a land that has elections, where if we work hard we can change things, or we can leave them the same, depending on how we vote.

It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative, liberal, radical, or whatever. It will be up to the public to vote for you or some other person. Some of the worst candidates get elected, and some of the best candidates lose. But it isn’t always that way.

All of us know that Rotary does not take sides in political matters. As individuals, we have wonderful Rotarians who are Republicans, and wonderful Rotarians who are Democrats. To those of you ion politics, “God bless you.” You are the people our fellow citizens, who keep democracy working.

Lord, we thank you for all those wonderful people who care enough to take sides . . . who are actively participating in our democracy.

Don Zeiller