Disarmament – Tenafly Rotary Invocations


Lord, this week is “disarmament week”, so-declared by the United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs.

Your son, Lord, Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote more than a century ago that someday there would be a parliament of man and that nations would turn their swords into ploughshares.

We pray for that day when man will no longer raise weapon against man.

To that end, we ask your guidance so that we will work with and support those who would bring about a peaceful world.

Don Zeiller

(Disarmament Week is declared by the United Nations usually in October)

Education – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


I was fourteen and a freshman at Tenafly High School when I heard John H. Knebels, a social studies teacher, say “The child is father of the man.” Was he saying to the class, “whatever you are to become, you had better stat on it now,” or was he thinking, “the attitudes you have today will probably have when you grow up”. I graduated from Tenafly High School in 1938 and had the good fortune to have attended three class reunions since then, the 25th, the 50th and the 55th. The graduates were always thrilled to see some of their teachers present. They were sad when only one could attend the 55th reunion.

Graduates look up to their teachers. They respect them. They are part of their lives. They help make them what they became. Through example and through values taught, teachers live on and on, through an inseparable bond they have with their students.

Let us pray: Lord, we thank you for those who spend their lives helping mankind through their teachings. There is no finer profession than one that helps educate mankind, preparing it for honest work and mobilizing its conscience for justice.

Don Zeiller


Elections – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


Oh, dear lord, the election is behind us. I believe that most Rotarians voted, a higher percentage than the population at large, because Rotarians care about what happens in the world. All of us felt good about some of the results, and all of us felt bad about some of the results. That’s the way life is.

But Lord, we thank you that we live in a land that has elections, where if we work hard we can change things, or we can leave them the same, depending on how we vote.

It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative, liberal, radical, or whatever. It will be up to the public to vote for you or some other person. Some of the worst candidates get elected, and some of the best candidates lose. But it isn’t always that way.

All of us know that Rotary does not take sides in political matters. As individuals, we have wonderful Rotarians who are Republicans, and wonderful Rotarians who are Democrats. To those of you ion politics, “God bless you.” You are the people our fellow citizens, who keep democracy working.

Lord, we thank you for all those wonderful people who care enough to take sides . . . who are actively participating in our democracy.

Don Zeiller

Enviroment – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


Lord, we thank you for those who take an overall, serious, genuine look at things, cautioning mankind to take steps that will benefit life here on earth.

As the prophets of old cared about the world around them and pleaded for brotherhood, there are those who bring forth today’s needs, to conserve and preserve our world’s environment.

Lord, you have given man dominion over this land. We pray for guidance as we grapple with this timely matter.

Don Zeiller