Rails to Trails

The Tenafly Rotary is investigating the possibility of partnering with Rotary Clubs north of Tenafly to help replace the unused track from Tenafly to the State line.  Plans and permits for light rail end in Englewood. This means for the next couple of decades the rail line going through Tenafly will be unused. Until CSX has a permited use for the line the possibility exists to turn the tracks into a walkway/bike path. Rails to Trails has helped with this in numerous communities. The Tenafly Rotary Club met with Shepard Grinker of the Tenafly Bicycle Workshop to explore the benefits of the program.

Rotary Club Of Tenafly discussing Rails To Trails
Rotary Club Of Tenafly discussing Rails To Trails

Meeting with the Cresskill/Demarest Roatary on Rails To Trails

Meeting with the Cresskill/Demarest Roatary on Rails To Trails

Don Zeiler’s Invocations

We are transcribing Don Zeiler’s invocations that he wrote for the Tenafly Rotary over many years. Please follow the latest we’ve transcribed under invocations. We hope to add a few each week. (Dates of entry are manipulated to keep invocations in alphabetical order.)

America (2) – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


(After the Oklahoma City bombing and the discovery of terrorist groups)

Oh, Lord, what is happening to America-the-beautiful – to the people and government so much of the world looks up to?

I for one, Lord, pray that there will be no more armed bands in uniforms threatening to change events with their guns instead of with their ballot box. The intended threat of terror sounds too much like the fascist and Nazi movements of old. Lord, America is made up of people who came here from all parts of the world and, for the most part, live as brothers. We ask that you give strength and courage to those who love our country and our democratic way of life.

Don Zeiller

Americans – Tenafly Rotary Invocations


Lord, we thank you for this beautiful country, with its abundance and its great diversity of people.

From all parts of the world they have come to become “Americans” . . . it doesn’t matter their nationality, their race, nor their religion . . .  They came because they loved the hope that was held out by American democracy and freedom.

We thank you, Lord, for this great mixture of people who have forged a country to be proud of – – a county that has done so very much to help our world.

Don Zeiller

Autumn – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


Lord, the fonder of Buddhism once said, “This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds.”

And yet, it is long enough to create some good! Think of the good that Paul Harris did when he and three friends founded Rotary. Think of the many projects worldwide that 28,000 Rotary Clubs have sponsored, year after year, to help their fellow man, all in the interest of spreading good will and peace throughout the world.

Let not the autumn clouds discourage us from our noble purpose. For it is only we, Lord, with your help, who can fulfill our noble purpose.

Don Zeiller