Americans – Tenafly Rotary Invocations


Lord, we thank you for this beautiful country, with its abundance and its great diversity of people.

From all parts of the world they have come to become “Americans” . . . it doesn’t matter their nationality, their race, nor their religion . . .  They came because they loved the hope that was held out by American democracy and freedom.

We thank you, Lord, for this great mixture of people who have forged a country to be proud of – – a county that has done so very much to help our world.

Don Zeiller

Autumn – Tenafly Rotary Invocation


Lord, the fonder of Buddhism once said, “This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds.”

And yet, it is long enough to create some good! Think of the good that Paul Harris did when he and three friends founded Rotary. Think of the many projects worldwide that 28,000 Rotary Clubs have sponsored, year after year, to help their fellow man, all in the interest of spreading good will and peace throughout the world.

Let not the autumn clouds discourage us from our noble purpose. For it is only we, Lord, with your help, who can fulfill our noble purpose.

Don Zeiller

Disarmament – Tenafly Rotary Invocations


Lord, this week is “disarmament week”, so-declared by the United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs.

Your son, Lord, Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote more than a century ago that someday there would be a parliament of man and that nations would turn their swords into ploughshares.

We pray for that day when man will no longer raise weapon against man.

To that end, we ask your guidance so that we will work with and support those who would bring about a peaceful world.

Don Zeiller

(Disarmament Week is declared by the United Nations usually in October)